Many new skilled graduates and returnees from Disapora have difficulty finding permanent, unsubsidized, well-paid

employment after their return because of the large number of low profile jobs readily available , this is where we come in brigding the gap

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After your successful registration, you will be entitled to 3 SMS Job Alerts in your chosen career category free. After the 3 Sponsored Assessment Alerts, you can then subscribe in the category you choose and best appopriate for you. We are trusted by High profile companies for best staffs and discrete employments. 

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We prepare you before hand on what you will expect when you come face to face with an interviewer. 90% out of 100% of the time our candidates get hired for the job.

We accomplish this because we only send you to Job interviews in your area of expartise and fits your goals, career wise, finance and otherwise.

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SMS Job Connect applies a strategic approach to recruitment, continously innovating with the market trend. We identify and secure professionals with the right mix of skills and experience for every position in your organization.


Our Outsourcing services empower our clients to reduce operational costs, concentrate on their efficiencies of scale, increase quality and to concentrate their financial and managerial resources on growing their core business.


Customer Surveys allow you to collect valuable data from your customer base while simultaneously reinforcing perceptions that your organization genuinely cares about their opinions and welcomes their feedback.


The continuous improvement of top talents in any organisation is critical to its sustain its’ growth. Our training programs are structured to identify skill gaps, source for, develop relevant courses and deliver trainings in line with global trends that suit your organisation.

Skill Assesement Test

Sms Job Connect Skill Assessment platform is your most reliable and predictable solution to hiring the right people, building the best teams, and keeping your top talent motivated.

CV Appraisal

Your CV is the first contact you have with a would be employer. Our highly experienced experts read each and every CV we receive and give you a frank and honest professional opinion.


Want To GET CONNECTED To The Employer that Matters?

SMSJobConnect is here to rescue you. Getting SMS everyday with your choosen matches means you will never miss an opportunity to apply for that dream job. and the convenience of the information on your mobile on the go able keeps you at alert!".

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Phone: (234) 708-080-4888